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Project Resources & Investments Ltd


At Project Resources & Investments Ltd – (PRI-CE Solutions), we have developed an integrated system dictated by need, created out of necessity, devised by experience and perfected by time to deliver the quality and integrity your project requires. PRI-CE Solutions seamlessly combines the discipline of management, the science of engineering, cutting-edge information and communication technology and diverse construction expertise into an integrated system designed to guarantee quality and provide added value for the entire lifecycle of your next project. The integration of these services results in a substantial increase of quality, value and time management for every project undertaken by the PRI-CE Solutions team.

PRI-CE Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest level of service.


PRI offers a distinct range of project services to suit the requirement of any project.

We can deliver comprehensive and complete services, or be retained for specific tasks related to a certain phase or phases of a project. PRI’s Matrix Management allows you to choose elements that best fit your particular needs. This enables clients to select custom project management, advisory, construction, engineering and ICT packages for themselves. We will help you determine which combination is most appropriate for your project. This flexible approach is efficient, effective and produces the desired results


PRI-CE Solutions objective is to ensure that the project brief is clearly defined at the outset and project targets of time, quality and cost are identified and communicated to all member of the project team. Once agreed, PRI-CE Solutions will implement, monitor and manage the diverse resources required to achieve those objectives.



In-house Project Advisory Services are available as required by the client and can supplement the Project Management and Construction Management capability of PRI-CE Solutions.



PRI-CE Solutions provides engineering services to supplement the above and suit the specific requirements of your project.



PRI-CE Solutions is acutely aware of the increased demand for information technology infrastructure within the built environment and the importance of integration with other intelligent building services. In conjunction with our collaborative partner ‘Calisto Data, we have developed a cloud based Construction Information management system commencing at the design stage through to handover. We also offer a full suite of software design and management, including Disaster recovery services   IT design and management capability in internal (LAN), external (WAN) and data communication systems. This ensures efficient, reliable and cost-effective systems are designed, procured and implemented to each client’s specific needs



PRI-CE Solutions will ensure that critical interfaces between design and construction are clearly defined along with project monitoring to ensure the timely identification of any problems. The client will be kept fully apprised at all time by regular reporting from PRI-CE Solutions. This will enable the client to make important decisions during the construction phase based on a full and clear knowledge of the implications.



Our Telecommunication division provides tactical, technical, project management services,

We have established a strong track record of success with Project Start-Ups, Operations and Implementations, proven success on project cost and risk management, with extensive experienced with cellular sites & expertise in strategic directive and project advisory services in:

    • Radio Access Network (RAN)
    • Network Rollout ( NRO) full turnkey plus delivery, covering telecommunication operators and vendors